Touch screen flush-mountstandalone room thermostats

  • Touch screen
  • Large display with backlight
  • 2P / PI / P control
  • Outputs for ON/OFF or 3-position control
  • Outputs for 3-speed or 1-speed fan
  • 2 multifunctional inputs for keycard contact, external sensor, etc.
  • Independent function for window contact, presence detector (standard presence and hotel presence)
  • Operating modes: Comfort, Economy and Protection

For 2-pipe, 2-pipe with electrical heater, and 4-pipe fan coil unitsFor universal applicationsFor use with compressors in DX type equipment

  • Automatic or manual fan speed control
  • Automatic or manual heating / cooling changeover
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of room temperature setpoint
  • Control depending on the room or the return air temperature
  • Adjustable commissioning and control parameters
  • AC 230 V operating voltage
  • RDF800: Mounting on round box, with min 60 mm diameter or recessed square 86 mm box with 60.3 mm fixing centers and min 40 mm depth
  • RDF800/NF: Mounting on recessed square 86 mm box with 60.3 mm fixing centers and min 40 mm depth, requires additional mounting frame


Room temperature control (heating or cooling) in individual rooms and zones by means of:

  • 2-pipe fan coil units
  • 2-pipe fan coil units with electrical heater
  • 4-pipe fan coil units
  • Chilled /heated ceiling
  • Chilled /heated ceiling and electrical heater
  • Chilled ceiling and radiator / under floor heating
  • Compressors in DX-type equipment
  • Compressors in DX-type equipment with electrical heater

The room thermostats are delivered with a fixed set of applications. The relevant application is selected: Local DIP switch and HMI