Eccentric Single Wide-Arch Expansion Joint (RE 231)

Proco Style RC & RE Rubber Joints

Proco Style RC & RE Rubber Expansion Joints are designed for piping systems to absorb pipe movements, relieve stress, reduce system noise/ vibration, compensate for misalignment/offset and to protect rotating mechanical equipment against start-up surge forces.

Features and Benefits:

Absorbs Directional Movement
Thermal movements appear in any rigid pipe system due to temperature changes. The Style RC 231 and RE 231 wide arch joints allow for axial compression or axial extension, lateral deflection as well as angular and torsional movements. (Note: Rated movements in this publication are based on one plane movements. Multiple movement conditions are based on a multiple movement calculation. Contact Proco for information when designing multiple pipe movements.)

Less Turbulence or Material Entrapment
The Style RC 231 and RE 231 expansion joints are manufactured with the integral rubber flange joining the body at a true 90° angle. This ensures the product will install snug against the mating pipe flange free of voids creating less turbulence in the pipe system. For applications where 20% or more solids are present, use the filled arch RCFA 231 and REFA 231 expansion joints for smooth bore transition with no possibility for material entrapment.

Absorbs Vibration, Noise and Shock
The Proco Style RC 231 and RE 231 rubber expansion joints effectively dampen and insulate downstream piping against the transmission of noise and vibration generated by mechanical equipment. Noise and vibrations caused by equipment can cause stress in pipe, pipe guides, anchors and other equipment downstream. The Style RC 231 and RE 231 expansion joints will help relieve noise and vibration occurrences in a pipe system. Water hammer and pumping impulses can also cause strain, stress or shock to a piping system. Install the Style RC 231 and RE 231 to help compensate for these system pressure spikes.

Compensates for Misalignment
Rubber expansion joints are commonly used by contractors and plant personnel to allow for slight pipe misalignment during installation of new piping and or replacement applications. (Although rubber expansion joints can be made with permanent offsets, it is suggested that piping misalignments be limited to no more than 1/2 the rated catalog movement. Contact Proco for resultant movement capability.)

Wide Service Range and Less Weight
Engineered to operate up to 200 PSIG (nominal size dependent) or up to 250°F (elastomer dependent), the Series RC 231 and RE 231 can be specified for a wide range of piping system requirements. The Series RC 231 and RE 231 rubber expansion joints are constructed in various elastomers with rubber impregnated polyester tire cord and ASTM wire to make up the pressure restraining member. This lightweight design installs easily and costs less to ship.

Material Identification
All RC 231 and RE 231 expansion joints are strip branded with cure dates and elastomer designations. All Neoprene Tube/Neoprene Cover (NN) and Nitrile Tube/Neoprene Cover (NP)elastomer designated joints meet the Coast Guard Requirements and conform to ASTM F 1123-87.

Large Inventory
Proco Products, Inc. maintains one of the largest inventories
of rubber expansion joints in the world. Please contact us for price and availability.