Aceon Group was established and incorporated in Malaysia since May 2001.

Aceon Group consists of a team of experienced work force to provide a wide range of composite engineering work, services and products to satisfy and meet the requirement of the customers.

Throughout the year, we continue to improve our work skill and quality standards to get customers’ satisfaction. We consistently work closely with customer to attend their needs and requirement.

Aceon Group is not only a fiberglass products related company, but also supply and provide other kind of systems and materials to cater to a variety of requirement and needs in the industry.

Our products can be used in either new application or for replacing existing application which is exposed to corrosive environment, the application can be found in all type of industrial such as chemical plant, refinery, general industries marine, offshore, oil & gas, mining, shipyard, pulp & paper, transportation, air pullution control, water and waste treatment, cooling tower, public amenities and others