Hattersley offers a variety of balancing commissioning solutions – for constant & variable flow systems which includes a range of PICV’s and DPCV’s plus bespoke pre-assembled units like Hook-up and Hook Up Prime. In addition, modular manifold units like MultiComm are available for larger commercial projects. There is also a range of general and public health valves including thermal circulation valves that can help to prevent Legionnaires’ Disease. Many of the Hattersley range of valves are readily available as BIM product components.

Balancing Valve 737 (Cast Iron)

Balancing Valve 1732 (Bronze)

Ball Valve 100 (Brass)

Butterfly Valve 950 (Cast Iron)

Butterfly Valve 3850L (Ductile Iron)

Butterfly Valve 3870G (Ductile Iron)

Butterfly Valve 4925 (Cast Iron)

Check Valve 47 (Bronze)

Check Valve 650 (Cast Iron)

Check Valve 651 (Cast Iron)

Gate Valve 33X (Bronze)

Gate Valve C31 (Bronze)

Gate Valve M540-Non Rising (Ductile Iron)

Gate Valve M541-Non Rising (Cast Iron)

Gate Valve M544-Rising (Cast Iron)

Globe Valve C4 (Bronze)

Globe Valve 731 (Cast Iron)

Wafer Check Valve 861 (Cast Iron)

Wafer Check Valve 866 (Cast Iron)

Y Strainer 817 (Bronze)

Y Strainer 810 822 (Cast Iron)

Y Strainer 811 (Cast Iron)