Motorized Butterfly Valve

ACVATIXTMButterfly valves PN 16 VKF42..

  • Nodular cast iron valve body
  • DN 50…600
  • kvs 70…37,000 m3 /h
  • For fitting with PN 16 counter-flanges to ISO 7005
  • Tight-closing in accordance with ISO 5208, leakage rate A
  • No maintenance required
  • Can be equipped with SQL321B.., SQL361B.., SQL351B.. electromotoric actuators, or GEB..1E, GBB..1E,GIB..1E damper actuator


This device is used as motorized or shut-off valves in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems applications.

  • In open and closed circuits
  • For 2-position (SPDT) or 3-position controls
  • For DC 0…10 V control signals (by SQL361B.. actuator) and 4..20mA control signals (by SQL351B.. actuator)
  • For chiller and cooling tower sequencing circuits
  • To open or close the flow to a heat exchanger or to complete plant sections