Combination Pump Control and Back Pressure Valve (4" and Larger)

Series 580

Product Advantages

  • Built-in Check Valve
  • Accurate Pressure Control
  • Low Head Loss
  • Smooth Control of Pump Surges
  • Easy Maintenance Design

The Cla-Val Model 60-32 Combination Pump Control and Back Pressure Valve is a pilot-operated control valve designed for booster pump discharge installation to eliminate pipeline surges caused by starting and stopping of pump and to provide adjustable back pressure on pump while it is running. The valve features a modified globe-design with diaphragm-actuation, and hydraulic operation for smooth, reliable automatic operation during pump starting and stopping. A built in lift-type check feature automatically closes valve on electric power failure or any time pressure reversal occurs to protect pump from back spinning.

In operation, when pump is off, the pump control valve is closed by downstream system pressure. When pump is started, the solenoid control is energized and valve opens slowly to gradually increase pump flow and line pressure to desired back pressure setting for pumping conditions. When pump is signaled to shutoff, the solenoid control is de-energized and the valve begins to slowly close, gradually reducing flow while pump continues to run. When valve is closed, the included limit switch assembly turns off pump. Adjustable flow controls are included to easily regulate valve opening and closing speed to prevent surges. Using Cla-Val wiring diagram (see page 4) ensures safe electrical interlock control of pump and valve

Schematic Diagram
Item Description
1.  Hycheck Main Valve 100-04
2.  CRL Pressure Relief Control
3.  X47A Ejector
4.  100-01 Hytrol (Reverse Flow)
5.  CS3M Solenoid Control
6.  X105LCW Switch Assembly
7.  CK2 Isolation Valve
8.  CV Flow Control (Opening and Closing Speed)
9.  CDC/CSC Check Valve

Optional Features
Item Description
A.  X46A Flow Clean Strainer
B.  CK2 Isolation Valve
P.  X141 Pressure Gauge
Y.  X43 “Y” Strainer

Note: For main valve option descriptions, refer to the 100-04 (60-32) Engineering Data Sheet

Typical Application

Install Model 60-32 valve as shown in multiple pump applications. Flexible water-tight conduit should be used for electrical connections to the solenoid control and the limit switch. A Model 52-03/652-03 Surge Anticipator Valve is recommended for power failure protection.

Pressure Ratings (Recommended Maximum Pressure - psi)


60-32 Series Dimensions (Full Internal Port 100-04) (inches)

60-32 Series Dimensions (Full Internal Port 100-04) (mm)

Model 60-32 Flow Chart (Uses Main Valve Model 100-04)

Wiring Diagram

Auto-Off-Hand = Selector Switch
1CR = Relay, DPST Normally Open
2CR = Relay, DPST Normally Open
3CR = Relay, TPST Normally Open
SW1 = Switch, Remote Start/ Stop
SW2 = Switch, SPDT, Valve Limit Switch
PVS = Pilot Valve Solenoid
M = Pump Motor Starter

Note: SW2 and PVS supplied by Cla-Val Co. All other electrical items supplied by customer. SW2 is included in the X105L switch assembly which is mounted on the pump control valve cover.

Shown In Pump Off Position

Optional Model PC-1 Pump Control Panel has flexible control settings for maximum electrical interlock control. It is pre-wired and ready for easy field hookup wiring. See E-PC-1 data sheet

Pilot System Specifications

Adjustment Ranges
0 to 75 psi
20 to 105 psi
20 to 200 psi*
100 to 300 psi
*Supplied unless otherwise specified
Other ranges available, please consult factory

Temperature Range Water: to 180°F Max

Standard Pilot System Materials
Pilot Control: Low Lead Bronze
Trim: Stainless Steel Type 303
Rubber: Buna-N® Synthetic Rubber
Optional Pilot System Materials
Pilot Systems are available with optional
Stainless Steel or Monel materials

Solenoid Control
Brass ASTM B283

General Purpose, Watertight 1,2,3,3S,4,4X
Optional: Class I, Division 2, Hazardous Locations
and Watertight Type 3, 3S, 4, 4X

100-240V / 50-60 Hz AC or DC
24-99V / 50-60Hz AC or DC
Manual Operator Standard
Max. operating pressure differential: 350 psi

Insulation molded Class F
Watts AC 2

When Ordering,
Please Specify
1. Catalog No. 60-32
2. Valve Size
3. Pattern – Globe or Angle
4. Pressure Class (Flanged)
5. Trim Material
6. Electrical Selection
7. Desired Options
8. When Vertically Installed
(Flow Direction)

Note: For optimum operation of built-in check feature, installation with valve stem vertically position is recommended.