Double Wide Arch Expansion Joint (232)


spool type wide arch
rubber expansion joints

PROCO Series 230, Styles 231, 232, & 233 Non-Metallic Expansion Joints are designed for tough, demanding industrial applications, as found in: Chemical/Petrochemical Plants, Industrial Process Piping Systems, Marine Services, Power Generation Plants, Pulp/Paper Plants, Steel Mills, Water/Wastewater and Pollution Control Systems. Installed
next to mechanical equipment or between the anchor points of a piping system, specify the PROCO Series 230 to: (1) Absorb Pipe Movement/Stress, (2) Reduce System Noise,
(3) Isolate Mechanical Vibration, (4) Compensate Alignment/Offset, (5) Eliminate Electrolysis, (6) Protect Against Start-Up Surge Forces. Our history in the manufacture of expansion joints dates back to l930. When you need an engineered rubber expansion joint solution to a piping problem