Globe valves

ACVATIX™2- and 3-port valves with VVF53..flanged connections, PN 25 VXF53..From the large-stroke valve line

  • High-performance valves for medium temperatures from -20…220 °C
  • Valve body of nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-18-LT or higher
  • DN 15…250
  • kvs 0.16…630 m3 /h
  • Flange type 21, flange design B
  • VVF53..K with pressure compensation to handle high differential pressure
  • Equipable with electro-motoric actuators SAX.., SAV.. or electro-hydraulic actuators SKD.., SKB.., SKC..


In boiler, district heating and refrigeration plants, cooling towers, heating groups, and in air handling units as control or shutoff valves. For use in closed or open hydraulic circuits (observe cavitation).