Lamborghini always ahead with expanding product variants such as boilers, water heaters, and water treatment systems. Lamborghini CALORECLIMA implementing the system of advanced design, with a program of 3D images, selecting raw materials and high-quality accessories, and precision in every phase of the construction, using the power of experienced specialists and cutting equipment and welding of advanced automation of the most modern, managed in accordance with the standards of quality management ISO 9001.

With a professional team approach, production equipment technology, the use of raw materials and production processes and best management, product has passed accredited Lamborghini standard “CE”. Which means that all products are qualified marketed in various European countries.

Lamborghini Caloreclima has been successfully working in the HEATING and WATERTREATMENT sectors since 1960. Based in Dosso (FE) since 1970, Lamborghini Caloreclima’s premises cover an overall area of 52,000 square metres, 25,000 of which being roof covered. Lamborghini branches, representatives, agencies and distributors are present in over 35 foreign countries. It is the Italian tradition that the reference role of the company is the installer. The production,
operated according to advanced logistical mechanization systems, is managed in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards. High flexibility of the production cycles is allowed, thus guaranteeing fast industrialization of the products designed. Lamborghini Caloreclima Company steadily engages itself in thesearch for technical solutions aimed at introducing innovations into its products. Lamborghini supplies a brand-new range of products capable of meeting the market’s needs, these becoming more and mar ket’s needs, these becoming more and more demanding.

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