Seawater Service Pressure Reducing Valve

Product Advantages

  • Globe or Angle Pattern
  • Proven Reliable Design
  • Available in Cast Bronze, Iron and Steel
  • Accurate Pressure Control
  • In Line Service

Cla-Val 90G-42 (globe) and 90A-42 (angle) Pressure Reducing Valves are indispensable in any fire protection system. Our diaphragm actuated design is proven highly reliable and easy to maintain. We offer both a globe or angle pattern with a full range of adjustments. These valves are available in cast bronze, iron or steel and all special alloys.
Ductile iron and cast steel valves are supplied with internal and external epoxy coating of the main valve wetted surfaces.

If UL Listed is required for Model 90-42 Seawater Service use Model 90-21KX when ordering. UL Listed sizes limited to 1 1⁄2 – 8” sizes.


Cla-Val Model 90G-42 (globe) and 90A-42(angle)
Seawater Service Pressure Reducing Valves automatically reduce a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure regardless of changing flowrate and/or varying inlet pressure. The valves pilotcontrol system is very sensitive to slight downstream pressure fluctuations, and will automatically open or close to maintain the desired pressure setting. The downstream pressure can be set over a wide range by turning the adjustment screw on the CRD pilot control. The adjustment screw is protected by a screw-on cover, which can be sealed to discourage tampering.

Schematic Diagram

Item Description
1.  Model 100S/2100S Hytrol (Globe or Angle)
2.  X58C Restriction Tube Fitting
3.  CRD Pressure Reducing Control
4.  X46A Flow Clean Strainer


Threaded Ends: 1″ – 3″
Globe Flanged: 2″ – 36″
Angle Flanged: 2″ – 16″

End Details:

Cast Steel ANSI B16.5
Bronze ANSI B16.24
Stainless Steel ANSI B16.5
Ductile Iron ANSI B16.42


150 Class 250 psi Max.
300 Class 400 psi Max.


Water 180°F Max.


Main valve body & cover
Ductile Iron ASTM A-536*
Cast Steel ASTM A216-WCB*
Naval Bronze ASTM B61
Naval Bronze ASTM B61
Ni. AL. Bronze ASTM B148
Super Duplex SST
Monel QQ-N-281 Class B
Main valve trim:
ASTM B61 Bronze Seat,
Monel Trim

Pilot control system:

Cast Bronze with Monel Trim
Monel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel optional
Stainless Steel 316 Tubing & Fittings


15 – 75 psi
30 – 300 psi

Main valve and pilot valve
diaphragm and disc:
Buna-N® synthetic rubber

*The 90G-42 (globe) and
90A-42 (angle) in cast
steel are supplied with
standard internal and
external epoxy coating

Model 90-42 Dimensions

When Ordering
Please Specify
1. Model No. 90-42
2. Size
3. Globe or Angle
4. Main Valve Body and Cover Material
5. Threaded, Flanged or Grooved
6. Pressure Class
7. Adjustment Range

Cla-Val Control Valves operate with maximum efficiency when mounted in horizontal piping with the main valve cover UP, however, other positions are acceptable. Due to component size and weight of 8 inch and larger valves, installation with cover UP is advisable. We recommend isolation valves be installed on inlet and outlet for maintenance. Adequate space above and around the valve for service personnel should be considered essential. A regular maintenance program should be established based on the specific application data. However, we recommend a thorough inspection be done at least once a year. Consult factory for specific recommendations.

*For UL Listed, see Cla-Val Model 90-21 for sizes and pressure class information.