Altitude Valve For One-Way Flow

Product Advantages

  • Accurate and Repeatable Level Control
  • Drip-Tight, Positive Shut-Off
  • Reliable Hydraulic Operation
  • Easily Adjustable Control
  • Completely Automatic Operation

The Cla-Val Model 210-01 Altitude Valve controls the high water level in reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. It is a non-throttling valve that remains fully open until the shut-off point is reached. This valve is designed for one-way flow only.

This valve is hydraulically operated and pilot controlled. The pilot control operates on the differential in forces between a spring load and the water level in the reservoir. The desired high water level is set by adjusting the spring force. The pilot control measures the reservoir head through a customer supplied sensing line* connected directly to the reservoir.

This valve can also be furnished with auxiliary controls to meet the need for multiple functions, such as: pressure sustaining, pressure reduction, rate of flow control, solenoid override, etc.

If the check feature option is added and a pressure reversal occurs, the downstream pressure is admitted into the main valve cover chamber and the valve closes to prevent return flow.

Schematic Diagram

Item Description
1.  100-01 Hytrol Main Valve
2.  CDS6A Altitude Control
3.  X101 Valve Position Indicator
4.  Bell Reducer
5.  CV Flow Control (Closing)

Optional Features

Item Description
A.  X46A Flow Clean Strainer
B.  CK2 Isolation Valve
D.  Check Valve with Isolation Valve
F.  Independent Operating Pressure
H.  Dry Drain
P.  X141 Pressure Gauge
R.  Reservoir Gauge with Tester
S.  CV Flow Control (Opening)
Y.  X43 “Y” Strainer

Typical Applications

Used on reservoirs where the water is withdrawn through a separate line or through a bypass equipped with a check valve. The valve opens to refill the reservoir when the water lowers below the shut-off level. For more information see page 4 or data sheet E-CDS6A.

*Note: The reservoir pressure sensing line should be 3⁄4″ minimum I.D. installed with a 2° slope from the valve to the reservoir to avoid air pockets. Altitude Valve For One-Way Flow

Note: We recommend protecting tubing and valve from freezing temperatures.

Model 210-01 (Uses Main Valve Model 100-01)

Pressure Ratings (Recommended Maximum Pressure – psi)

Model 210-01 Dimensions (In Inches)

Model 210-01 Metric Dimensions (Uses Main Valve Model 100-01)

210-01 Dimensions (mm)

210-01 Dimensions (mm)

Pilot System Specifications

Adjustment Ranges
5 – 40 ft.
30 – 80 ft.
70 – 120 ft.
110 – 160 ft.
150 – 200 ft.

Temperature Range
Water: to 180°F

If flowing line pressure is less than10 psi, consult factory for full details. If inlet pressure is above 150 psi, consult factory for recommendations.

Standard Pilot System Materials
Pilot Control: Low Lead Bronze
Trim: Stainless Steel Type 303
Rubber: Buna-N® Synthetic Rubber

Optional Pilot System Materials
Pilot Systems are available with
optional Aluminum, Stainless Steel,
or Monel materials. Valve position
indicator is standard

When Ordering, Specify:

  1. Catalog No. 210-01
  2. Valve Size
  3. Pattern – Globe or Angle
  4. Pressure Class
  5. Threaded or Flanged
  6. Trim Material
  7. Adjustment Range
  8. Desired Options
  9. When Vertically Installed
  10. When “D” ffeatured is ordered, the “H” feature is required.

Valve Options

X141 Pressure

X101AR Valve
Position Indicator
with Air Release

Valve Position

X144 e-FlowMeter



Steel Pilot