Since its establishment in 1936, Cla-Val Co. has been dedicated to producing the world's highest quality automatic control valves.

Blending its engineering expertise, American craftsmanship, quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing process, the company has fostered an international reputation of excellence through innovative engineering, refined designs and a proven reputation of reliable operation and long service under the harshest conditions.


Cla-Val® Co.'s line of dependable automatic control valves designed specifically to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improve supply and distribution system efficiency. The most complete product line available, Cla-Val® products offer precise control of pressure, flow, liquid level, surge and pump control. Full function electronic valve controllers are available for remote valve control and SCADA system interface.

Cla-Val® has a complete line of automatic control valves designed specifically for irrigation systems. These valves are manufactured to operate dependably in the rugged irrigation environment and include two-stage pressure reducing valves for slow filling empty lines, surge anticipators to protect pumps and pipelines, and a wide range of solenoid valves.

Cla-Val® valves are utilized in most navy shipboard and AFFF fire fighting systems. Other shipboard applications include cross connection control, lubricating oil pressure control, sea water pressure reducing and pressure relief valves. Further applications include flow control, solenoid control, counter measure washdown, ballasting/deballasting and void filling. On aircraft carriers special valves are provided for the fueling and defueling of aircraft, while other valves control fuel from storage tanks to the flight deck.

Fire Protection
Our complete line of fire protection products meet all requirements including UL Listing and approval by Factory Mutual Systems. Known for their dependability, Cla-Val® products for the Fire Protection Industry include fire pump pressure relief valves, pump suction control valves, deluge valves, pressure regulating valves, and backflow preventers.

Aviation Fueling
Cla-Val® control valves play a vital role in fuel handling systems for both civilian and military aviation. Our extensive experience, innovative engineering and advanced technology continue to set standards for automatic control valves in the Aviation Fueling industry. Applications include control of fuel at receiving facilities, storage tanks, fuel/water separation stations, distribution/circulation systems and mobile refuelers.

The extremely versatile Cla-Val® controls and valves can be custom arranged to accomplish virtually any specialized industrial handling problem. Applications include air conditioning systems, level control, surge control, pressure regulation, electronic control, backflow protection and a multitude of other special purposes.
Through PT Piping System Indonesia, CLA-VAL is proud to offer the following extensive products range:


 Basic Main Valve    Model 100-01
      Model 100-20
     Model 100-01KO (Anti Cavitation)
      Model 100-42
 Waterworks & Commercial Building Product  Pressure Reducing Valve  Model 90-01
   Pressure Relief, Pressure Sustaining Valve  Model 50-01
    Surge Anticipator Valve  Model 52-03
    Float Valve  Model 124-01
    Altitude Control Valve  Model 210-01
   Electronic Control Valve  Model 131-01
      Model 136-01
   Booster Pump Control Valve  Model 60-11
   Air Valves  Model 36
 Fire Protection Product for Commercial Building  Pressure Reducing Valve  Model 90-21 UL LISTED
   Pressure Relief Valve  Model 50B-4KG-1 UL LISTED
   Solenoid Control Valve For Deluge Service  Model 134-05
   Air Release Valve  Model 34
 Industrial & Offshore Product  Seawater Service Deluge Valve  Model 100GS
   Seawater Service Pressure Reducing Valve  Model 90-42
    Seawater Service Pressure Relief Valve  Model 50-20
    Pneumatically Operated  Model 403 Series

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